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Windows 10 Anti Spy Hosts File

Windows 10 Anti Spy Hosts File

ETP Note: If you do not know why you would want to block Windows 10 outbound communications, here is one of many explanations. Microsoft has moved to a selling “Windows as a service” strategy, an effort to shift money-making from the traditional practice of licensing the OS to one more reliant on revenue from search, apps and games. With this comes the collection of “telemetry” data, which many consider their personal identifiable and private information. Below is an unaffiliated video of additional steps you can take to block Telemetry data collection.
NEW!! Completely disable and remove Windows 10 Telemetry tutorial here


Current Hosts Version: 05/OCT/2019

PeerBlock IP Blocklist 30/AUG/2016 (No longer supported)

Below is a compiled our exclusive Microsoft hosts file which you can use to replace your stock hosts file. Our hosts file is an ongoing project to block Microsoft’s telemetry and data mining of end user’s PC’s. This is only a “bandaid” fix and is in no way going to protect you from all telemetry data or personal information being sent to Microsoft, although it does appear to significantly reduce unnecessary outbound communication to Microsoft’s servers. These IP addresses and hosts are obtained from running Wireshark on a sterile windows 10 PC.

You should also be aware: this hosts file will block certain functions and services like Bing search, Cortana and One Cloud. Windows updates will still be able to download.

Windows 10 does communicate directly to IP addresses which bypass the hosts file. You would also have to block Microsoft’s IP addresses Windows 10 communicates with. To do this you can download and install PeerBlock and use our Microsoft IP Blocklist for PeerBlock. You can use this in conjunction with our hosts file. To learn about how to use PeerBlock with our blocklist look here.

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Ways to help block telemetry and data mining:

  • Edit or replace your Hosts file with ours. You can either do this manually or automate the process with software assistance. Your Windows 10 hosts file is available in: C:\Windows\System32\Drivers\etc
  • You will need to have administrator rights to edit your hosts file.
  • You can also block Microsoft’s IP addresses in your router/firewall or other firewall software like PeerBlock.
  • You should also use other software to turn off certain windows 10 intrusive functions. We recommend O&O Shut Up 10. (Run this once in awhile to make sure Windows updates didn’t reset your fixed settings used with this program).
  • You can use Iobit’s Uninstaller, a free program to uninstall bundled Windows 10 apps & bloat.
  • Added Nvidia telemetry hosts to blocklist. To further block Nvidia telemetry, read this article.

Lists best viewed with Notepad++

Download Hosts File Download PeerBlock IP Blocklist

Remove Windows Telemetry Tutorial Remove Nvidia Telemetry Tutorial

Current Hosts Version: 05/OCT/2019

PeerBlock IP Blocklist 30/AUG/2016 (No longer supported)