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UnaPhone Zenith – Secure and Private Smartphone

UnaPhone Zenith – Secure and Private Smartphone


The UnaPhone is one of the few Android phones on the market which focus on privacy and security for your data and communications. UnaPhone comes without Google facing apps and services giving you a clean operating system without call backs, and data being sent without your knowledge. Below is a list of more details about UnaPhone, not available  on their website. First, at a glace:how2_b6io29

  • The UnaOS has in place a Security center, allowing the user for a very granular security level selection. Even if all the questionable permissions are revoked, in the security center the user is able to restrict even more apps and process.
  • The UnaOS has a “Secure wipe” option in place. If the user enables it, and the lock-screen pin, password or pattern are entered incorrectly for more than 5 times, the device automatically wipe all the data and return to the default (empty) state, making any data unavailable and unrecoverable, even if the device is encrypted.
  • UnaOS has removed all the intrusive system apps, but were careful in order not to loose any core functionalities.
    they removed plenty of other files in the system like jars, libs, xmls etc.
  • UnaOS has reported to have thoroughly scrutinized the remaining system apps and framework jars, looking for suspicious lines of codes pointing at IP or web address, snitching ID numbers, and patched the system accordingly.
  • UnaOS has blocked internet access for all apps except the ones really needing to connect to the web like for example the browser or the chat app.
  • UnaOS has revoked all questionable apps’ permissions, again without sacrificing any of the core functionalities.
  • UnaOS has “blinded” the system so that it can’t access the phone’s IDs numbers. If you don’t understand what that means, have a look at the wpa_supplicant.conf file situated in data/misc/wifi and see for yourself. Every time you connect to the internet your phone sends your device name, manufacturer name, model name, model number and serial number to its masters. The UnaPhone doesn’t, and even if it did there wouldn’t be anything to send since all those fields are blank.
  • UnaOS has reported to have made UNA unrootable, to add an extra layer of security because they consider that a phone that can be rooted is inherently insecure. Not sure if anything is “unrootable”, but good they attempted to mitigate known exploits.
  • UnaOS locked the system in order to make it impossible for anything to be added or removed in both /system and /data, which means that one can’t install or uninstall anything. This plus the impossibility to root is what they call the “ultimate protection and peace of mind”.
  • All storage is encrypted by default, along with all communications including Calls, SMS, Chat, Email and VPN.
  • UnaOS added some kernel tweaks to secure the OS even further and prevent MITM attacks and the like.

The UnaOS team went through the code of dozens of open source third party apps and selected the best, most robust and most secure among them. Then, by modifying them, they made sure they all comply with the highest standard of security and privacy they aim at. In the end, they used them to replace some invasive system apps for functions such as default email, messaging, calling, offline/online maps, text editors, video player, music player, enhanced DSP, offline dictionaries, and more. The Una phone might not be for everyone. You cannot install third-party apps or the google Playstore for instance. You are limited to only approved apps by the UnaOS team. UnaOs has plans in the future to release a version which allows for third-party options app installations.

As of 21 August 2016, presently on the device are: Tutanota + an additional email client with PGP, Callprotector encrypted communication app, XMPP Client, Encrypted SMS, Stingray (IMSI) Detector, Complete Office suite, Text editor, Music, Video, Equalizer and DSP, Web browser, Proprietary VPN + OpenVPN support, Conversations, Notepad, Pdf, Wifi file transfer, Dictionary, Sound recorder, Camera, Phone and Contacts, Calculator, Gallery, Calendar, Clock, File Manager, Flashlight, FM radio, Offline GPS, Pedometer, Notes, File manager, Bitcoin wallet, Password manager, Task manager, Call recorded, Image editor, Drawing creator, Video editor, Audio-book, E-book reader, Finance planner, Weather, Wifi manager, Print and Fax, Planner, Workout, IP Cam, and a lot of others like torch, locker, and so on. So all the basic, and also more complex features are present. The Una team believes they will be able to cover all the needs a user may have. Their developers are bringing a lot of new apps, and undergoing active developing and testing.


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