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Tools For Investigative Journalists


Below are links to useful software and apps which are beneficial for the investigative reporters, bloggers, and opensource researchers. Most of these sources are derived from the works of  “Journalism Tools” (source below).  We have added a few of our own and will continue to do so. If you have any suggestions please post them in the comment section with its suggested category.

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Monitor News

  • Feedly, powerfull feedreader.
  • Nuzzel, news shared by friend & connections.
  • Newsle, news about friends and connections.
  • Prismatic, smart algorithm selected news.
  • Tweetdeck, indispensable tool to monitor twitter.
  • IFTTT, automate actions between apps.
  • Courier, a mobile RSS news reader for android with enhanced security features, offline reading and sharing capability.



  • Geofeedia, monitor social media based on location.
  • Echosec, free location based social media search.
  • Vibe, monitor social media based on location on your smartphone.
  • Yomapic, location search for Instagram and social network VKontakte.
  • LIFTTT, IFTTT with location triggers.
  • Heatmap News, discover the news hotspots on a map.
  • Newspaper Map, find and translate online newspapers.


  • Wikiwash, monitor real-time changes on wikipedia.
  • Wikiwand, stylish wikipedia interface.

Social Media

  • Topsy, advanced twitter search engine.
  • Myne, mobile app for advanced twitter search.
  • Buzzsumo, discover and analyze trending stories.
  • Banjo Discovery, discover & organizing social media content by time and location.
  • Mentionmap, map twitter users and hashtags.
  • Facebook Signal: surface relevant trends, photos, videos and posts from Facebook and Instagram.
  • Bio is Changed, get notified when a twitter bio changes.
  • Social Me, discover someone’s social media presence.
  • Followerwonk, discover hidden connections on twitter.

People & Paper Trail


Collect Data

  • Scraperwiki, scrape data from the internet/pdf’s/twitter.
  • Import.io, easiest way to scrape data from the internet.
  • Crowdata, crowdsource document investigations.
  • Kobotoolbox, reliable free field surveys.
  • Poll, easy online polls.
  • EU-Data Tools, Set of free tools for analysing data about the EU.

Map Stories



  • Hushed, temporary anonymous phone numbers.
  • Telegram, encrypted messaging.
  • Mailvelop, encrypt your webmail.
  • Signal, secured phone conversations & Text.
  • Silence, built on Signal source code. Uses SMS instead of data. No secured voice, just text. No Google dependencies.
  • OnionShare, open source tool for secure and anonymous file sharing.
  • Secure Email: Suggested email providers.
  • P≡P, secure email messaging on any email service.


Data Stories

  • Silk, publish interactive data stories.
  • Raw, easy custom datavisualizations.
  • Chartblocks, versatile platform for infographics.
  • Datavisual, alternative tool for data graphics.
  • Infogram, easy and stylish infographics.
  • Palladio, online tool to publish and visualize comple research projects.
  • Highcharts & Highmaps, create interactive charts & maps easily for your web projects.
  • Sheetsu, turn Google Spreadsheet into an API and set up your data driven website in seconds.
  • Cloudstitch for Newsrooms, create interactive content modules for your story.

Interactive Video

  • Racontr, new tool for interactive multimedia publishing.
  • Touchcast, interactive video for touch screens.
  • Klynt, interactive editing and publishing tool.


  • Exposure, stunning platform for picture and video stories.
  • Aesop, wordpress plugin for scrollytelling.
  • Storehouse, mobile app for scrolling stories.
  • Pageflow, open-source storytelling tool for rich video and image stories.
  • Shorthand social, scrollytelling optimized for social sharing.


  • Spicynodes, interactive concept for layered information.
  • Thinglink, make interactive video & pictures.
  • Mattermap, map issues and add interactivity.
  • Timeline.js, best timeline tool out there.
  • Tik-Tok, javascript tool to easily create beautiful, simple, mobile-friendly, vertical timelines.
  • Storymaps, interactive map and timeline tool.
  • Tripline, visualize travels.
  • Odyssey, visualize stories in time and space.
  • Soundcite, integrate sound in your articles.



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