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RetroShare – All In One Encrypted Communications

With Retroshare you can establish encrypted connections between you, your friends and family. You create a network of computers which provide various distributed services on top of it: forums, channels, chat, mail, file sharing… Retroshare is fully decentralized, and designed to provide maximum security and anonymity to its users beyond direct friends. Retroshare is entirely […]

Cryptocat – Simple & Secure Chat

Cryptocat is an encrypted opensource chat program available for Windows, Linux and Mac. Cryptocat was funded by the Open Technology Fund which is a US taxpayer funded project to to further independent efforts towards a more secure and private Internet. The Open Technology Fund has also funded projects such as Open Whisper Systems Signal app and […]

Noise – A Signal messenger fork

ETP Note: Signal now allows for use without the Google Play store and/or Google Cloud Messaging, so Noise should now be unnecessary. Noise was created for the sole purpose of enabling you to maintain encrypted text messaging with outher Signal users without Google proprietary services on your device. Using both Signal and  Noise without GCM draws […]

Silence Messenger – Signal Alternative

Silence (formerly SMSSecure) is a full open source end to end encrypted text messaging replacement application for your Android smartphone. Silence messages are end-to-end encrypted over the air using the Axolotl encryption protocol with other Silence users. If the other party does not have Silence installed you can still communicate, just not encrypted. Silence is […]

Open WhisperSystems announces Signal Desktop

2 Dec 2015, Open Whisper Systems announces the upcoming release of their encrypted communications system “Signal” beta for the desktop. Currently Signal is available for the Android and iPhone and now will soon be is available as a desktop Chrome app. The Signal Chrome app will link with your phone, so all incoming and outgoing […]

Signal – Android Private Messenger

As of November 2015, TextSecure is now named “Signal”. Signal integrates both RedPhone and encrypted text messaging in one app. Signal Private Messenger by Open Whisper Systems, is a messaging app that allows you to take back your privacy while easily communicating with friends. Using Signal, you can communicate instantly while avoiding SMS fees, create […]

Unseen – A Secure Skype Alternative

Article updated – 30 March 2017 Unseen is an encrypted service for email, voice, video chat and IM chat. Unseen’s servers reside in Iceland, their domain registrar is in the US, and their DNS is hosted internationally by Amazon because it is considered the most resistant to attack. Unseen uses XAES encryption which is a […]