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Encrypted Email Services List

Below is a list of encrypted email services which provide a higher level of security & privacy while not sacrificing ease of use. This list will be updated when new services are known. We take certain criteria into consideration when listing a service, not limited to: Physical jurisdiction, open source, strong privacy policy, zero knowledge […]

SCRYPTmail – Encrypted Email Service

SCRYPTmail is a relatively new encrypted email serivice launched on November 18, 2014. It is an open-source encrypted email web service with a focus on security and user privacy. You can use SCRYPTmail on any device which supports modern browsers like Chrome or Firefox. Currently there is no dedicated app for iOS or Android and no support for […]

SecureMyEmail – Email Encryption for Everyone

Update: As of August 2017, the android app is released, Thunderbird for Mac and Windows is released. iOS app is available. April 2016 SecureMyEmail™ (SME) beta is scheduled for release and currently is in the funding stage on Indigogo. SME will be available for Windows, Mac, iOS, and Android. SME has several goals it will […]

Mailpile – Built in PGP encryption email client

Mailpile is an open source e-mail client for Mac, Windows and Linux which has PGP encryption features & key management built in. Mailpile provides local encryption storage for email you retain on your computer unlike most other email clients. Mailpile is not an e-mail service, it is software. It is e-mail client which supports strong […]

Encrypt Web Based Email with Mailvelope

Mailvelope is an open source browser plugin for both Firefox and Chromium. This plugin will allow you to encrypt and decrypt any email using your own public and private keys. Mailvelope offers more options than Streak because it is not limited to the Chromium browser and Gmail. Mailvelope utilizes Public Key Encryption while Streak relies […]

Unseen – A Secure Skype Alternative

Article updated – 30 March 2017 Unseen is an encrypted service for email, voice, video chat and IM chat. Unseen’s servers reside in Iceland, their domain registrar is in the US, and their DNS is hosted internationally by Amazon because it is considered the most resistant to attack. Unseen uses XAES encryption which is a […]

Encrypt Gmail with Streak

Streak SecureGmail is a Google Chrome or Chromium browser plugin. You are required to use the chrome browser to encrypt your GMail using Streak. Streak does not use  Public Key Encryption but relies on you and the recipient both using a secret shared password and the Streak Chromium plugin. If you would rather have something […]