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Home Network Security Devices & Appliances

This is a list of network security devices which provide plug and play security for your entire home and IOT devices. These devices are for those who do not want to bother with a technically detailed or complicated security appliance or gateway for their home network but want to protect everything on it. Note only […]

Herd Protect – Cloud Antivirus with 68 scanning engines

Update: As of February 26 2017, Herd Protect has temporarily disabled downloads of their Herd Protect antivirus software. We have both the portable and full installation .exe file available for download from the link button below.   Herd Protect is a free cloud antivirus which utilizes 68 antivirus engines to scan your hard drive for malicious content. […]

Hitman Pro Antivirus

HitMan Pro is a unique antivirus because it utilizes six different antivirus engines to scan your computer. It is passive and considered a “second opinion” antivirus, which means it will run along side of your favorite antivirus software you use. It does not actively intercept malware, instead it operates on user initiated scans or startup […]