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Skipsoft Unified Android Toolkit – Review

Skipsoft Unified Android Toolkit – Review


The Skipsoft Unified Android Toolkit is the swiss army knife for modifying your android, allowing users to install custom ROMs and revert back to the stock android OS version of your choice with ease. Beyond this, the Skipsoft Toolkit can allow you to root each device, unroot when needed on demand, and install OS updates  and even change custom recoveries quickly. One of its most useful functions in the Pro version is that it always searches and automatically updates all of its core software, Recoveries, stock ROMs, ADB, root methods, Busybox, SuperUser and Odin software assuring you have the most current software to work with. You just plug in your phone to your PC and follow the instructions. The limitations are the number of devices supported, however the most popular android devices in the market are supported and the software is constantly being updated to support new devices. The supported devices are seen in this image below as of June 25th 2017.

After selecting your device you want to use you are prompted with the flashing screen. Here is a Nexus 9 tablet example page where is shows all of the stock Android OS builds we have a choice of flashing. You can also load a custom build of your own and start flashing that as well from this page. Once a build is selected, the Toolkit will begin to download it and notify you when it is ready to install.

From the main menu in the first image, you can select option 99, the Basic Android Toolkit. This will give you options to automatically install all necessary drivers for your phone on to your PC, Completely backup all or some of your installed apps, install .apk files, root your device, and create Odin flasshable .tar files from an .img file, as seen below:

There is so much more this tookit can accomplish just take a look here


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Toolkit Versions

Free version: Basically you can do almost anything with this device. The free mode does not have the full automation function of installing a custom OS, recovery, and root all in one. You would have to use the software to do these steps one by one.

PRO version: You can unlock all the automated features for one device of your choosing. This option costs around $7.00 US.

Ultimate Version: Fully unlocks all automated options for all devices the Toolkit Supports. This oprion is $19.99GBP or $25.41 USD.

Download   Supported Devices

A complete list of supported devices as of June 25th 2017

Use button above for up to date information

Samsung Galaxy Nexus Module OnePlus One [2014] Module Samsung Galaxy Note 2 Module
LG Google Nexus 4 Module OnePlus Two [2015] Module Samsung Galaxy Note 3 Module
LG Google Nexus 5 Module OnePlus X [2015] Module Samsung Galaxy Note 4 Module
LG Google Nexus 5X Module OnePlus Three [2016] Module Samsung Galaxy Note 5 Module
Motorola Google Nexus 6 Module OnePlus 3T [2016] Module Samsung Galaxy Note 8.0 Module
Huawei Google Nexus 6P Module OnePlus 5 [2017] Module Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 Module
Asus Google Nexus 7 [2012 Model] Module Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 [2014 edition] Module
Asus Google Nexus 7 [2013 Model] Module Samsung Galaxy S3 Module
HTC Google Nexus 9 Module Samsung Galaxy S3 Mini Module
Samsung Google Nexus 10 [2012 Model] Module Samsung Galaxy S4 Module
ASUS Nexus Player Module Samsung Galaxy S4 Mini Module
Google Pixel C Tablet [2015] Module Samsung Galaxy S5 Module
Google Pixel [2016] Module Samsung Galaxy S6 Module
Google Pixel XL [2016] Module Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge Module
Samsung Galaxy TabS [8.4 and 10.5] Module
Samsung Galaxy Gear Module
Samsung Galaxy Camera Module
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