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Silence Messenger – Signal Alternative

Silence Messenger – Signal Alternative


silence-iconSilence (formerly SMSSecure) is a full open source end to end encrypted text messaging replacement application for your Android smartphone. Silence messages are end-to-end encrypted over the air using the Axolotl encryption protocol with other Silence users. If the other party does not have Silence installed you can still communicate, just not encrypted.

Silence is a fork of the Signal app from Whisper Systems. Silence is not backwards compatible with Signal users so you must both either be on Signal or Silence for end-to-end encrypted communication. Silence communicates using the SMS protocol so no servers or internet connection is required. Signal has moved away from using SMS and uses your data channel over the Google Cloud Messaging (GCM) service. Silence is for those who wish to have a secure SMS option. All SMS traffic metadata is retained by your cellular provider whereas Signal bypasses SMS as long as the other person is using Signal also.  silence-qr-code

If you want Signal but don’t have the Google Play store, you can you can still use Signal which no longer relies on Google services and can communicate with other Signal users although battery life is effected because Signal must maintain an open connection for immediate message notification.

Information about Metadata:

What is Metadata?, Why should we care about Metadata? Metadata legal protections, SMS Messages a Goldmine to Exploit.


Some key points of the Silence app:

  • Keeps SMS/MMS encryption.
  • Drops Google services dependencies (push messages are not available in Silence).
  • Integrates upstream bugfixes and patches from Signal.
  • No dependencies on the Google Play app store. Able to download from other app markets like F-Droid.
  • Same encryption used by Signal.
  • Does not have secure voice calls like Signal.
  • Requires less permissions than Signal.
  • Is the default messenger for the Android Copperhead OS.

For trademark reasons, Silence is currently not available on Play Store in the U.S., but you can still download Silence in the U.S. from F-Droid, a repository of Free and Open Source (FOSS) apps on the Android platform supported by the Free Software Foundation (FSF).

Silence looks and functions just like any other messenger app, specifically resembling its parent; Signal from Whisper Systems.silence-contacts

Encryption keys must be manually accepted if both parties have the Silence app. Its as easy as tapping the lock icon and “start a secure session”. If someone initiates an exchange with you, the key will appear on your screen. Just tap to accept.



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