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Share Files Anonymously Over Tor With Onion Share

Share Files Anonymously Over Tor With Onion Share


Onion Share is an open source tool which you can use to easily share specific files of any size with others over the Tor network. Sharing files with Onion Share can make transfers secure and anonymous between both parties. Once you share selected files from your computer, a webserver is started and you are now hosting the files over a Tor Onion Service. You are given a unique and obfuscated url address to give to others so they can download the specified file. The files you share are hosted only from your computer, so once you turn off your PC the Onion Share links will be dead until you turn your computer back on and open Onion Share. Moving the files to a new location from which they are shared from will also break the download link.

Remember, TOR encrypts your connection, not your data, and TOR’s exit nodes are vulnerable. So, it is advisable not to send unencrypted sensitive data over the TOR network, as someone might access your files while the data is on the last node. Sensitive files should be encrypted with a shared encryption program. Something as simple as WinZip with AES 256bit encryption with a password would suffice. A default Windows PC could open this file without WinZip itself being installed, the end user of course would have to know the password for the .zip file. This also gives the added benefit of compressing the file to shorten the transfer time. A possible alternative open source solution tool you could use is AES Crypt.

Share Files Anonymously Over Tor With Onion Share

As you can see above, we drag and dropped the Tails-amd64-3.9.iso file into the window, creating a new share over the Tor network. The provided address can then be given out for others to download using their Tor browser. The recipient does not need OnionShare.

Share Files Anonymously Over Tor With Onion Share

Above are the default settings for Onion Share which are configurable.

Onion share is open source and available for Windows, MacOs, Ubuntu, Fedora, and other Linux builds.

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