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Secure Cloud Storage and File Sharing with Peerio

Secure Cloud Storage and File Sharing with Peerio


Peerio is a open source encrypted file sharing and chat service based in Canada. Peerio differs from services like Dropbox by offering full end to end encryption to the point where even Peerio cannot access your files even if they wanted to. Peerio also offers encrypted chat to those in your Peerio contact list.

Peerio does have limitations, such as not being able to publicly offer files to anyone outside of your Peerio contacts.  You cannot generate a link to share a file outside of Peerio. It is strictly a closed system for groups of individuals. Peerio is still in beta so it currently is limited in its options and does not yet have a mobile app, although it is mentioned they will ahve one.

Setting up a new account you receive 1 gigabyte for storage. Your storage limit increases for every new contact you add. To start getting your friends and family to use Peerio, you can upload your Gmail exported contacts list in .csv format, or start adding them individually. Each person you add will receive an email invitation to install Peerio. If they already have Peerio, all you have to do is enter their email address or name they used for their Peerio account.


Your files are arranged by file type. You can right click on any of your uploaded files and are given the option to Download, Send, Remove and Destroy. Opting to destroy a file will remove it from everyone’s Peerio inbox who had downloaded the file from you.


Although Peerio is functional and seems to have some good qualities so far in beta. The main problem I see at the moment, there is no Privacy Policy and Terms of Service agreement. In Peerio’s Law Enforcement Guidelines these documents show “pending”, but does go on to say that Peerio cannot decrypt users data. Update: As of December 2015, Peerio has released a privacy policy. All documentation is available at their Github repository.

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I would wait for Peerio to venture from the beta stage before trusting it with any sensitive data. Until then I would use a more trusted sharing & storage service like Spider Oak.