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Secure Cloud Storage & Backup with IDrive

Secure Cloud Storage & Backup with IDrive


IDrive Remote Backup

Update June 2018 – If you use Copperhead OS or a version of Android which does not have Google Play services, iDrive will not work for you. Unfortunately with a recent update to their app, they have made their app dependent on Google Play. You now cannot login to your account without it on your phone.

IDrive offers users new users 5 gigabytes of cloud storage for free. You can also purchase 1TB of storage for under $15.00. IDrive supports  PCs, Macs, iPhones, iPads and Android devices all into a single account. With Idrive you can sync up all these devices so it is great for a family or small businesses who are always moving to different devices. When setting up an account, users can opt to have IDrive manage your private encryption key by default or you can keep it yourself assuring IDrive employees or third parties cannot access your stored information even if hacked. IDrive’s privacy policy states:

If we provide your files to a law enforcement agency as set forth above, we will remove encryption from the files before providing them to law enforcement only if a default encryption key is used. We will not be able to decrypt any files that are encrypted using a user defined encryption key.

When logging into your account via the desktop client, you will need to enter your private key. It is only stored on the client and is never sent to the IDrive servers. In order to verify that the information you enter is correct, a derivative of that key is generated and matched, allowing you to access your account. When you provide your private key while logging into your account using the web application, the key is sent to their servers for the duration of that session only and the key always remains fully encrypted throughout transmission.

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The only drawback of managing your own key with IDrive is you cannot share files with others, such as sending someone a link to one of your IDrive hosted files. If this is a deal breaker for you, I would suggest trying another service such as SpiderOak or Sync. Otherwise if you want share files with trusted people on IDrive you can always share the actual account. IDrive has no problem with this as they state:

You, as the Account holder, are solely responsible for access to, content in or sharing and use of your Account.

Other useful features include the mobile apps which are fully capable of backing up selected phone data. If you are on Android and want to get away from syncing everything with Google, you can easily sync what data you want with IDrive. You can have it available for automatic re-installation if needed.  Also the phone app can be set to backup your data only when connected to wifi to avoid data charges.


The desktop application by default will start up when your computer boots. It will check for file changes at your designated file locations and begin its cloud backup of your specified files if changed.

Select the files you want to backup with IDrive

With the option to restore your data on any device with just a few clicks is easy. You can pick and choose want you want to be restored.

If you would like to restore backed up data to a new phone you can do that from the App. Simply tap the Backup button, then select the device you want to restore your data to.

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There are many options when scheduling backups. Even creating a disk image of your computer IDrive Remote Backupfor full restoration.

Get all your devices synced with the most up to date changes. If you use a password manager you could easily backup and sync all your devices with your most up to date password manager database. This is just one important thing you could use IDrive for.


Backup your websites and even their SQL databases with IDrive’s Server Backup options.


And finally, get real time notifications of your backup jobs.


Conclusion: IDrive gets it right in most areas. First and foremost you have the option to take control of your encryption keys. This should be the standard now from any service which is serious about your security.

Not many cloud backup services can offer some of the great features IDrive has.

IDrive performs updates regularly, the service is getting better.

Sign-up for a free 5GB account here,  or  75% off 1TB

Cons: Once you take control of your keys you can no longer publicly share files by links. It appears IDrive uses this as a precaution against users hosting and sharing illegal material. It now becomes a tradeoff for the user. SpiderOak has gotten around this by singling out “shared rooms” and removing the “no knowledge” policy specifically for those rooms. I also assume it is for the same reason of being able to remove offending shared content if need be.

Currently the Android app gives no indication a successful backup has been accomplished. It was hard to tell if it was performing backups. I’m sure this will be fix in future updates.

Software is not open source.

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