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Secure Cloud Storage and File Sharing with Spider Oak

Secure Cloud Storage and File Sharing with Spider Oak


SpiderOak-QR-DownloadOne of the better,well established and open source cloud storage and file sharing services is SpiderOak, which is available for Windows, Mac, Linux and has both Android and iPhone apps. IDrive is not open source software. They have talked about

SpiderOak uses AES 256bit encryption to secure your data. Spider Oak uses 3072 bit public/private RSA key pair for multi-user private collaborative and file sharing features which necessitates the use of the public/private keys. More detailed information on their encryption can be found here.

What immediately stands out about SpiderOak is the clarity in which your privacy and data is protected:

Our systems have Zero Knowledge of your data. In non-technical terms it means that your data is 100% private and only readable by you. No plaintext data, no keys, or file meta data is ever stored on our servers. All this ensures absolute confidentiality of your data.

SpiderOak’s Law Enforcement guidelines also state:

…The Company does not have plaintext access to any data a user uploads through the SpiderOak application. For account purposes, we do have access to the account details collected upon account creation including name, email address, and username. Further details include account type, date of account creation/deletion, account history, last 4 digits of credit card (if applicable) and billing address (if applicable).

Taken from SpiderOak’s Privacy Policy last updated: August 28, 2012.

It is evident SpiderOak takes its users privacy very serious. Your private encryption keys used to decrypt your data resides on your computer and is never uploaded or retained by Spider Oak. The security of your data lies with your ability to keep your private keys secure and your password strong.

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Once SpideOak is installed you will have a file created on your desktop named “SpiderOak Hive” this is your folder where you can place files in to sync to the SpiderOak cloud. You will also see the the applications home screen and be presented with the option to start backing up files on your computer. You can navigate the tree to find the files or folder you wish to keep synced with SpiderOak.


We will show you how to create a ShareRoom to publicly share files with others. SpiderOak does inform you that public rooms no longer reside under the Zero Knowledge policy. You can read more about their ShareRoom policy. You can read more about how the ShareRoom works. To create a ShareRoom, start by clicking on Share and entering a ShareID:


Click NEW in the upper left corner and start filling out your ShareRoom information. The information you fill out here will dictate how the shared room URL will look like. Notice the input names and where they reside within the URL. This can be seen in the left side “Website” box. You have the option to set a password for the room which is a good idea because anyone could access it by its URL. Once finished scroll down and click on the NEXT button.


Next you can optionally enter a room description:


The folder to be shared must be contained in your SpiderOak Hive folder which was created during the SpiderOak installation. The shortcut was placed on your desktop which points to the SpiderOak Hive folder located in: “C:\Users\YourUserName\Documents\SpiderOak Hive” by default. Create a folder in there named “Shared” for example. Then browse in step 3 below to your newly created shared folder in the SpiderOak Hive Folder and add it. You can also add more shared folders if you like.



Now step 4, verify the shared room information then click Start.


Your ShareRoom is now active. Go to the provided URL for the room. If you created a password you should be prompted to enter it.

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