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Secure Cloud Storage and File Sharing with Sync

Secure Cloud Storage and File Sharing with Sync


Sync.com - private cloud
Sync is a secure end to end encrypted file storage service based in Canada with its primary data center in Toronto Ontario and its backup data center in Markham Ontario. Sync is availiable for Windows, Mac, Androd and iPhone and offers 5 gigabytes of storage for free and paid plans if you need more.  Sync operates on a “Zero Knowledge” storage platform which essentially means Sync cannot access your stored information on their servers. As stated in Sync’s privacy policy:

YOU MUST SAFEGUARD YOUR PASSWORD AND KEYS. Your password and keys are not stored on the Sync system. Consequently, should you lose or forget these, we cannot provide these to you or reset your password.

Sync’s privacy policy also states they do log your IP address and the times which you log into your Sync account. Just as SpiderOak does.

Sync does seem to be a more user friendly than SpiderOak especially for those who are familiar with DropBox. Sync has more the look and feel of DropBox, but with a more generous free storage capacity of the secure storage services.

Installing Sync, the default sync folder is installed in  C:\Users\Your Account\Documents\Sync. This is the folder where you would place your files and folders you wish to synchronize across your devices.

Logging into your Sync web account, you are able to view all of your files who have in your synced folder. You also have what is called the “Vault”.  Files added to your Vault do not get synced to any other devices but instead get synced to the cloud where you can only access it from your web based account like you see here:


Unlike SpiderOak, Sync does not limit you to share a dedicated folder or “room”. Sync allows you to directly link to specific files by right clicking on them and creating a link to share or send to friends. You can also create a password for that specific link. While logged in to the web based account, you are able to see the files and folders you have in your sync folder on your PC. Here I have right clicked on an .mp3 file, and was given the option to add a password and share the password protected link to it. Users who receive the link would first have to enter the password to open or download the file from this link:


If you would like to share a folder with a friend, simply place a folder in your Sync folder on your PC, go to your Sync web account, right click on the folder and share. Or from the web account simply click on the folder icon with the “+” as seen in the first image above to create a new folder to share. With a free account, your only option is to allow your friend to invite others as seen below:


Overall I was pleased with the simple functionality of Sync and found the privacy policy and protections to be adequate. I would recommend this service or SpiderOak to anyone.

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