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RetroShare – All In One Encrypted Communications

RetroShare – All In One Encrypted Communications


RetroShare - All In One Encrypted CommunicationsWith Retroshare you can establish encrypted connections between you, your friends and family. You create a network of computers which provide various distributed services on top of it: forums, channels, chat, mail, file sharing… Retroshare is fully decentralized, and designed to provide maximum security and anonymity to its users beyond direct friends. Retroshare is entirely free and open-source software. It is available on Android, Linux, MacOS and Windows. There are no hidden costs, no ads and no terms of service.

RetroShare can be ran behind a Tor Hidden Service or I2P for incoming connections. The outgoing connections are then sent through a local Tor-Socks-Proxy makeing it possible to obfuscate your metadata which could disclose your Network Friend Graph. The hidden service address (e.g. ld676kr3zr592h3p.onion) is replacing the IPv4 address (e.g. as the listening address for incoming connections. You could also just use a VPN to replace your real IP

Rertroshare Setup
Here you you can setup RetroShare using a Tor Hidden Service if you have TOR installed on your device.

Adding Friends

After installation you are shown your home screen. To add your friends (identities) you would send them your RetroShare certificate as they can send theirs to you. You can do this through RetroShare or other means such as email or chat.
RetroShare - All In One Encrypted Communications
Clicking on the “People” icon above, will allow you to search for and add friends.

RetroShare - All In One Encrypted Communications

Sharing Files

Share files with your friends or with the whole network. Use the search to find files. Retroshare uses swarming similar to BitTorrent, to accelerate the download. This makes it possible to share big files with 1GB or more. Your privacy is protected with anonymous tunnels. Only your direct friends might learn which files you download. You can set who has access to your files. This could include your friends, your groups or anonymous users (anyone) on the RetroShare network who you have added to your contact list.

RetroShare - All In One Encrypted Communications

All Other Features

  • Chat
    Send text and images. Discuss with various people in chat rooms. Express your emotions with the rich smiley set. Use distant chat to securely chat with friends-of-friends.
  • Voice and Video
    Make free and secure calls with the VoIP plugin. Catch up face to face with a video call.
  • Mail
    Send encrypted messages to other members of the network. Retroshare can store encrypted messages on friends nodes to deliver messages while you’re offline.
  • Forums
    you can read and write forum posts offline. This is perfect while you’re on the go. When you have an Internet connection, Retroshare will automatically sync forums with your friends. Decentralized forums are censorship resistant by design.
  • Posted
    Share your favorite links. See which links others like. Vote and discuss links.
  • Channels
    Publish files in channels. Subscribe to channels and automatically download the latest files. Comment on files and spread them to your friends.

Technical Specifications

  • Network topology: decentralized Friend to Friend network (F2F)
  • Transport: IPv4 TCP+UDP, Tor
  • UPnP / NAT-PMP port forwarding support
  • Distributed hash table to locate friends
  • Optionally can use dynamic DNS
  • Connect to friends behind NAT with UDP
  • Transport encryption with TLS (OpenSSL)
  • Authentication with PGP keys
  • Services: chat, VoIP with video, multi-user chat, file search/file sharing, forums, link sharing, Retroshare mail
  • Extensible through plugins

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