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Noise – A Signal messenger fork

Noise – A Signal messenger fork

ETP Note: Signal now allows for use without the Google Play store and/or Google Cloud Messaging, so Noise should now be unnecessary. Noise was created for the sole purpose of enabling you to maintain encrypted text messaging with outher Signal users without Google proprietary services on your device. Using both Signal and  Noise without GCM draws noticible battery power  because it must maintain a constant background connection to receive real-time messages.
This information below is taken from the CopperheadOS usage guide about the Noise app. Below we show you how to enable the Copperhead repository in F-Droid to download Noise.

Noise is a fork of the Open Whisper Systems Signal messenger without the hard dependency on Google Cloud Messaging (GCM). It is created by Copperhead and available in the Copperhead F-Droid repository. It’s recommended to prefer other messengers until support for running without GCM lands upstream in Signal, but an option is available if you really need to be able to communicate with Signal contacts. It lacks support for voice calls and isn’t optimized for low impact on battery life like Conversations.

Note that the app builds in this repository are intended for CopperheadOS. You’re free to use them elsewhere, but the builds will end up leveraging CopperheadOS features in the future and will become incompatible with other operating systems. There’s currently no reason to prefer Noise over Signal if you have GCM via either Play Services or microG, although the intention is for it to support using other Signal servers but Copperhead is currently not aware of any alternatives. Copperhead OS comes with the Silence messenger preinstalled for SMS communication.

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Installing the Copperhead repository in F-Droid

Install the F-Droid market if you do not have it installed.
Open F-Droid and click on the F-Droid three dots (options).

Click on “Repositories”

Copy and paste this text:

Repository address:




You should look like this below. Press OK:

Click the three dots again, and select “Repositories”, enable the Copperhead repository

Click the “reload” icon to refresh the repositories database and wait for a few seconds.

Then search for “Noise”

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