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IP Blocklists, Hosts files and Lists Managment

IP Blocklists, Hosts files and Lists Managment

Below you will find sources for IP blocklists, hosts files and tools that will help you manage all your blocklists. Links appear in alphabetical order and updated if necessary. If you know of some more you can post them in the comment section or report problems with links if needed.


Hosts Files & IP Blocklists

Adaway – official adblocking hostsfile.

BadIPs.com SSH attempts from score 2 up ( http://www.badips.com/get/list/ssh/2 )

BadIPs.com – Bruteforce attempts from score 2 up ( http://www.badips.com/get/list/bruteforce/2 )

Blocklist.de – Lists of the attackers IP addresses of the last 48 hours.

CleanTalk – IP Block list of the CleanTalk anti-spam service of recent comment spammers. Updated every 15 minutes, 30 days rotation.

CIPB – Create Country IP blocklists in various formats.

Dans Guardian – Malware Patrol Block List – List for DansGuardian.

EmergingThreats.net – Firewall Rules & IP blocklist.

Encrypt-the-planet.com managed .htaccess blocklist for your website.

Encrypt-the-planet.com Windows 10 anti spy hosts file.

WindowsLies – Windows 10 anti spy hosts file.

No Tracking – Windows 10 anti spy hosts file.

FilterLists – A comprehensive directory of lists to block advertisements, malware, trackers, and other general annoyances.

FireHOL – All Cybercrime IP feeds. A plethora of blocklists. Click on the list you want and look for the “Download from Github” link.

FireHOL lists on Github.

hpHosts – Various hosts files for blocking bad sites & malware. Affiliated with Malwarebytes.

Malware Domain – MalwareDomainList.com hosts file.

MVPS Hosts – Blocking ads with this hosts file.

NixSpam – IP addresses that sent spam in the last hour. Automatically generated entries without distinguishing open proxies from relays, dialup gateways, and so on. All IPs are removed after 12 hours if there is no spam from there.

Pushinginertia – This file is comprised of blacklisted IPs in CIDR format based on honeypot site visits by bad bots.

Ransomeware Tracker Lists – Offers various types of blocklists that allows you to block Ransomware botnet C&C traffic.

SpamHaus Drop List – CIDR format.

SpamHaus Emerging Threats – IP blocklist in CIDR format.

Manage IP blocklists & Hosts files with online tools

Convert IP ranges to CIDR format & CIDR format to IP ranges.

Extract IP addresses from text – Copy and paste blocks of unformatted text and run the script to extract IP addresses.

Put text in alphabetical order – Good for organizing your lists, can put IP addresses in a numerical ordered fashion (Use line break separator option).

Remove duplicate lines – Good for cleaning lists of duplicate IP addresses or hosts.

Manage your local hosts file with software tools – Offline tools.