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Install and Update Nvidia GPU Drivers Without Telemetry

Install and Update Nvidia GPU Drivers Without Telemetry

Just as we showed you how to remove Windows 10 telemetry, this tutorial will show you how to remove Nvidia telemetry from your computer and allow you to check, update and install the drivers in the future without Nvidia’s telemetry. There is no need to be forced into Nvidia’s telemetry collection just because you want automatic driver updates.

Nvidia’s GPU drivers are released with Telemetry collection bundled in its core driver package. This effectively holds users hostage to accept Telemetry collection if they want ease of use and functionality of having automatic updates. Nvidia does this within the Nvidia Experience software which contains the automatic driver update feature and it’s Telemetry collection agent. Without Nvidia Experience, you no longer will be able to keep your Nvidia GPU drivers up to date easily. Without it you would have to go to the Nvidia website, enter your GPU information and compare releases with your current driver version and then download and install the new drivers.

Now there is a freeware utility program called Tiny Nvidia Update Checker by Hawaii_Beach. Upon execution, this 277kb utility effectively checks your Nvidia GPU version, compares it to the latest Nvidia drivers and gives you the option to update your GPU driver without the installation of Nvidia’s telemetry with just a few clicks.

This process will consist of:

  1. Download and extract the most current Nvidia driver using the Tiny Nvidia Update Checker software.
  2. Use the Display Driver Uninstaller software and remove all traces of Nvidia’s software.
  3. Install the extracted minimal Nvidia driver. From this point on you will be able to use the Tiny Nvidia Update Checker to check for a new driver version, download and install all future updates with two clicks. Before you get started first:

Check to see if your Nvidia GPU is supported here

Start by Downloading the Software


  1. Download Display Driver Uninstaller (DDU) and extract it to a folder of your choosing.
  2. Download Tiny Nvidia Update Checker. (See note below).
  3. Download and install either Winrar or 7zip for the automatic unpacking of drivers.

Display Driver Uninstaller Tiny Nvidia Update Checker

Winrar 7Zip

Note: I like to put the Tiny Nvidia Update Checker in a folder, name the folder something, then put that folder in my C:\Program Files. Then I create a shortcut to the .exe and place that where ever I want, making it easy to start the update in the future.

Prepare your Nvidia Driver

run the Tiny Nvidia Update Checker.

Upon execution you are prompted with this screen, select Yes:

Next you will need to select: Download (+ Extract). Extract the Nvidia Driver to a folder of your choosing. I have this folder on the desktop because it will be deleted when we are done with it.

The download will start and will be automatically extracted in the folder you specified.

Now your folder should look like this. I extracted the files into a folder I named gpu on my desktop.

Uninstall Nvidia Software and Driver Currently on Your PC


Now you will need to run the Display Driver Uninstaller.exe

select the Clean and do NOT restart option

Disregard any warning messages you might see.

Install the Nvidia Driver

From the Nvidia driver we extracted in our folder, double click the setup.exe installing the base driver. Do not click on the long name driver .exe!

Future Updating

From this point on when ever you run the Tiny Nvidia Update Checker, always choose the Download + Install option. This will download the driver only and overwrite any of the old Nvidia driver files with the new ones for a hassle free driver update without the telemetry.

That’s it, your Nvidia GPU driver installation is finished without Nvidia’s Telemetry collection installed.

You can verify Nvidia Telemetry files have been deleted and not installed by going and making sure you do not see the NvTelemetry folder located here:

C:\Program Files (x86)\NVIDIA Corporation\NvTelemetry folder

Here are the official instructions for installing and using the Tiny Nvidia Update Checker


Now going a little deeper into the Nvidia Telemetry, these are the host vectors we have found Nvidia uses for communication from your PC to Nvidia. You can block all or the two which show Telemetry.


These hosts are always subject to change by Nvidia. We update these within our Windows 10 Antispy Host file if you are interested in keeping track of these. You should also look at our Windows 10 Telemetry removal tutorial! Please post comments, questions down below.




  1. This works great! So does your other tutorial for Windows telemetry removal. This is very clear & easy to follow. I noticed this only downloads the base GPU driver. If you want support for Physx, you need to download that separately.