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.htaccess Spammer, Bad Bot, Blocklist for your website

.htaccess Spammer, Bad Bot, Blocklist for your website


Updated 8/17/2017

This is a .htaccess spammer, bad bot, Blocklist you can add to your own website to help cut down on on harmful activity hitting your website. This by no means is a single fix for these issues but should be used with other means of security for your websites. This list will be updated when we receive new offending IP addresses and networks.

Just go to the public_html folder of your website, open your .htaccess file with a text editor and add these lines toward the bottom of the file below everything else. This will apply to your entire website.

Other ways you can protect your website is to use a script like AbyssGuard (reviewed) which utilizes the the Project Honey Pot spam & IP blocking service as well as blocking malicious bots, malformed headers and SQL injection attack attempts. This will work with any script or forum software you use.

If you use WordPress I highly recommend using the low cost and highly efficient CleanTalk service to protect against spam and brute force hacks. Just install the plugin and assure this wordpress plugin updates regularly because the CleanTalk plugin updates often:

Configure automatic WordPress updates: Method 1 (plugin),  Method 2 (edit wp-config.php)


If you have questions or comments leave them in the comment section below.