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Home Network Security Devices & Appliances

Home Network Security Devices & Appliances

This is a list of network security devices which provide plug and play security for your entire home and IOT devices. These devices are for those who do not want to bother with a technically detailed or complicated security appliance or gateway for their home network but want to protect everything on it. Note only some of these devices can provide a VPN for your network, most provide only firewall and security capabilities surpassing traditional off the shelf routers.  These devices are in no specific order.
Last updated: 5 October 2018


OPNsense Firewall Gateway

OPNsense® is an open source, easy-to-use and easy-to-build FreeBSD based firewall and routing platform which you can install on your own hardware such as an old desktop computer which would then act as your router or an inline firewall gateway device for your home network. OPNsense includes most of the features available in expensive commercial firewalls, and more in many cases. It brings the rich feature set of commercial offerings with the benefits of open and verifiable sources. View preconfigured OPNsense devices in our shop.

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AKITA – Instant Privacy for Smart Homes


Akita is a sleek little device that serves as a cyber-shield for your home’s smart devices. It monitors your network for any unusual behavior and keeps prying eyes from your network by eliminating the weak links hackers use to get their foot in the door. Connected to a LAN port on your router, Akita scans your network for any unusual activity and immediately shuts it down. All-the-while letting you know an attempt was made to invade your privacy. Akita uses smart security protection that’s been retrofitted for the home. Akita uses threat intelligence, behavioral analysis, machine learning and doesn’t slow your connection at all. Importantly, it doesn’t use deep packet inspection.

This device does not require monthly subscription fees. Comparable to the Cujo device below.

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Fortigis – Privacy & Security Wireless VPN Router


Fortigis is a wireless router that provides VPN protection, web security, antivirus traffic scanning and better visibility on your home network for peace of mind. Powered by a patent-pending security cloud in order to ensure virtually infinite resources, Fortigis works alongside your existing router and is easily managed via an app.


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Bitdefender Box  2

Bitdefender’s Box protects all devices connected to your network by intercepting network traffic and scanning it for signs of malicious activity. You’ll be notified instantly through the Bitdefender BOX app when a threat is detected and blocked. Bitdefender box protects all of your iOT devices, gadgets, phones, Smart TVs, PCs and appliances. The box sits between your cable modem and your router.  Annual subscription required.




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CUJO is a smart firewall that keeps your connected home safe. Cujo uses an intelligent cloud based cyber security engine that constantly collects and analyzes metadata generated by all deployed Cujo devices, irrespective of geographical location. This allows it to build a unique picture of thousands of smart homes and smart devices.From smartphones to laptops, CUJO secures all devices against hacks and web threats. Also CUJO lets you control what your kids access online and keep them safe. Cujo support is fast and has a good community. The Cujo team responds well with customer suggestions for future add-ons. Cujo started from a crowd sourced campaign. Annual subscription or lifetime of subscription available.

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Dojo by Bullguard

Dojo uses an intelligent cloud based cyber security engine that constantly collects and analyzes metadata generated by all deployed Dojo devices, irrespective of geographical location. This allows it to build a unique picture of thousands of smart homes and smart devices. If a cyber-attack is taking place on one smart home, as well as stopping the attack, it takes the data it has gleaned and adds it to a ‘reference library’ of information.This is then applied to the thousands of other smart homes using Dojo to prevent the same attack from being carried out in other smart homes. A monthly or annual subscription is required.

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Gryphon Router

Gryphon Intrusion Detection works 24/7 by using machine learning to recognize the unique fingerprint of each connected device on your network and will warn you and quarantine the device when a particular devices’s fingerpring changes. Gryphon also filters the incoming data streams to clean up and prevent malware from entering your home. they have partnered with Kaspersky one of the leaders in internet security. Viruses have digital signatures that change. By constantly syncing with the threat data base from Kaspersky, the Gryphon router is always helping them protect against the latest virus outbreaks. Gryphon also allows for parental filtering. A monthly or annual subscription will be required for Kaspersky signature updates. Gryphon is a crowd sourced venture.

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Trend Micro – Home Network Security

Trend Micro Home Network Security (HNS) is a service that provides protection against network intrusions, web threats and identity theft for every device that you connect to the internet in your home. The powerful Home Network Security Station connects to your router to scan network traffic for threats. The smartphone app keeps you aware of any security issues as well as providing timely and insightful notification about what is happening in your home network – in real time. HNS  filters incoming and outgoing traffic with advanced deep packet inspection to provide an extra layer of protection for the home network and connected devices like game consoles, smart TVs and smart home gadgets. In order to scan network traffic, HNS is configured by default to use the ARP protocol. HNS can also be configured to become the DHCP server in the network acting as. HNS also has parental control and filtering.

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F-Secure Sense

F-Secure SENSE is a secure router that sits between your modem and your connected devices in the home network. Both cabled (Ethernet) and WiFi connections are supported on both sides of the SENSE router. Sense Blocks connection attempts with its built in firewall, Protects devices when outside your home network, It functions as a WiFi router, offers Browsing protection & Anti-tracking, Antivirus traffic scanning, Anti-bot, Behavior-based blocking, Device discovery, Banking protection (on Windows), IoT security, Single app to monitor all connected devices at home, Always stays up-to-date.

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Fing Box

Fingbox allows you to secure and troubleshoot your home network. Controlled entirely within the Fing app, Fingbox alerts you when it senses anything out of the ordinary. It detects new devices on your network, changes in your Internet performance, or unidentified devices that could be an unwelcome intruder. Find out who’s home, block devices and monitor. Fingbox also does not re-route all your network traffic through it for packet scanning. Fingbox is designed with many Wi-Fi troubleshooting features that help you achieve better network performance, such as Bandwidth Hog Identification, Wi-Fi Sweet Spot Finder, Speed Checks, and scans for vulnerable devices such default admin accounts which remain unchanged. Fingbox is a crowd sourced venture and has a one time fee for the device.

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Betterspot is an easy to use VPN router that provides you portable online security and privacy. With Betterspot, you can access blocked websites and surf the net anonymously using the BetterNet VPN service or TOR with a click of the app button. Everything on the BetterSpot network will be anonymized. Their VPN servers are located in US, UK, Canada, Netherlands, France, Australia, Germany, Japan, Singapore, and Hong Kong. Unlike their BetterNet VPN service, BetterSpot uses their own proprietary “Hexa protocol” instead of OpenVPN. In other words you have to trust them with this new, closed source and untested protocol. Betterspot transmission speed is 300mbps so if you have faster internet speeds than this, the BetterSpot device will slow you down. Betterspot is a crowd sourced venture.

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Keezel sits between your devices and the internet. Once you turn it on it creates a secure VPN WiFi-hotspot. You can connect to this with your phone, laptop, tablet or IOT WiFi gadget. Through any browser you can tell your Keezel to connect to a nearby WiFi  and you will be connected to the Keezel secure VPN service. Keezel has 250 VPN servers in 160+ countries which you can select from making your browsing experience anonymous. Keezel can be completely cordless for on the go. It features an 8000+ mAh battery which can also function as a cellphone charger. Keezel is a crowd sourced venture. Keezel does not provide antivirus scanning only VPN for your entire networked devices.


Norton Cube

Norton Core is a secure, high performance Wi-Fi router that helps protect your connected devices on your home network by stopping cyber-attacks at the network level. Core uses deep packet inspection, intrusion detection, and Symantec’s global intelligence network to defend your connected home—against malware, viruses, and more. Core supports speeds up to 2.5 Gbps because of its 1.7 ghz dual core processor — ensuring blazing fast 4K streaming and lag-free gaming Loaded with a set of flexible, powerful tools for parents to manage screen time and set content filters. You can even pause the entire network For initial setup, an iOS/Android device that is Bluetooth enabled with data connection is needed. Download the Norton Core app to complete the quick set up. (Modem not included). Annual subscription necessary for protection. Available in silver or gold.

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