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Herd Protect – Cloud Antivirus with 68 scanning engines

Herd Protect – Cloud Antivirus with 68 scanning engines

Update: As of February 26 2017, Herd Protect has temporarily disabled downloads of their Herd Protect antivirus software. We have both the portable and full installation .exe file available for download from the link button below.


Herd Protect is a free cloud antivirus which utilizes 68 antivirus engines to scan your hard drive for malicious content. This is far more than other multi-engine antivirus solutions such as Hitman. Herd Protect is passive, so it will sit along side of your active antivirus software only scanning when user initiated. Having multiple antivirus engines is far superior to a single engine which most antivirus software uses today, however with great power comes great responsibility.

Starting up for the first time, Herd Protect will recognize your active antivirus software but will not interfere with it. There are no fine tuning settings, just go and scan.


Having so many engines does give a greater chance of false positive results. In the example below, even files without signed signatures will raise flags with some antivirus engines prompting you to make a decision about the flagged file. Herd Protect does provide helpful information about the files in question. Allowing you to ignore the file to allow it, remove it or report a false positive. Are those detections false positives? Or is the malware sample new and therefore detected only by a small number of antivirus products? It can be hard to tell, and there are additional factors that need to be investigated. Herd Protect tries to mitigate this by showing you further detailed information. If you right click on the Actions tab next to a detection you can then click on Why was this detected? Selecting Examine File will bring you to a more detailed page such as this for file seen below: mfc45.dll. If you are sure the file in question is ok, simply click Ignore (always).


If you are comfortable with doing a little research into the files discovered by Herd Protect, then you will be satisfied having it as a secondary antivirus on your PC. Heard Protect is also available in a portable version for USB drives.

Download file Password: ETP

Check MD5 Checksum: 846D2F61387787F8B90E532AC7B8C8DA

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