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Generate RSA Encryption Keys Above 4096 Bits Using Android

Generate RSA Encryption Keys Above 4096 Bits Using Android


There are well documented attacks against encryption which could theoretically allow the attacker to break the encryption. Some include manipulating the voltage supply to a private key holder to crack a 1024 bit RSA encryption key, or using an acoustic cryptanalysis key extraction attack against a 4096 bit RSA encryption key. What is to be said about keys above 4096? Would they be more secure? Perhaps.

It is not unreasonable to assume that the NSA has some techniques in this area that we in the academic world do not. Certainly the fact that the NSA is pushing elliptic-curve cryptography is some indication that it can break them more easily. If we think that’s the case, the fix is easy: increase the key lengths. ~Bruce Schneier – article.

Using GNUPG on Linux you can simply edit the keygen.c file to change the allowable key length from the limited 4096 bits to 8192 and above. Another way without using GPG is using an older version of APG on your android phone. We will show you how below, or you can use our online PGP keygenerator.

Download APG v1.0.8. password: ETP! (File MD5 Checksum: 730BB97CB584BC8AB0CA928FF678B223). Other versions available here.

Open the app, hit your menu button. If you do not have a menu button you will have to make one in the buttons area in settings. Next, click Manage Secret Keys



Next click Create Key:


Next, click the + on Keys:


Next, set your key size:


Next click Sign and Encrypt:


Next Set Pass Phrase:


Next click the + on User IDs:

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Next, enter your information for your key and save. You have now generated a private and public key. Go back to image 1, hit menu and in image 2 you can export the keys if you like to use them elsewhere. You can use your new keys with programs such as Mailvelope.