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Fortigis – Home Network Security Device

Fortigis – Home Network Security Device


A newly added device to our list of Network Security Devices and Appliances page, is the Fortigis home network security device. Fortigis is raising funds by a current Indigogo campaign to bring the devices into market production. Fortigis describes their device as:

A cloud-enabled privacy & security wireless VPN router that checks, controls and manages who connects to a user’s Wi-Fi network. Fortigis ensures, online safety for your connected home, your data and your privacy. It is a new type of IoT security that provides a seamless way to deploy, manage and maintain your connected home security. Fortigis security solution blocks malicious incoming traffic and keeps users browsing private, automatically. Fortigis checks, controls and manages who connects to your local Wi-Fi and the type of access devices get to the network & internet and profiles them so as to connect them securely to the internet. It connects automatically with Fortigis secure cloud, over a secure tunnel. The secure cloud is constantly evolving by consuming threat feeds and by analyzing anomalies and threat patterns from user devices. Various security feeds keep it up to date with the threat landscape, so as to constantly optimize its profiles & policies. Managing the configuration, policies, users, devices on the network lies entirely at your fingertips.

Basically the Fortigis device provides an encrypted VPN tunnel for your home network. This means all of your home network traffic will be routed through their VPN, essentially hiding your true IP address from what ever website you or your devices connect to. Fortigis also scans all of your traffic for virus payloads and hack attempts, stopping them at the router all while being able to provide a 200 Mbps throughput. Most of the Fortigis will be managed through the phone apps however users can log into the device itself from a browser much like you would logging into your home router.

The Fortigis website and campaign page didn’t get into some subscription and technical specific details I was interested in, so I reached out to the The Fortigis Team for answers. Here are my questions and their answers:


    1. Q: If someone buys the “Fortigis for Life” package on Indigogo, does this also include a lifetime subscription to your VPN service?
      A: Yes
    2. Q: Do you plan on eventually giving the user the ability to add their own VPN service to the device?
      A: Yes
    3. Q: Can you incorporate IVPN & NordVPN as end user VPN option as a feature?
      A: Yes, we are primarily evaluating NordVPN.
    4. Q: What Antivirus engine(s) does Fortigis use to scan traffic?
      A: Currently ClamAV but we are looking for more options. Given that we don’t decrypt encrypted traffic we are working on using Cisco’s Joy and some other projects so as to increase our effectiveness.
    5. Q: Do you plan on integrating other antivirus engines paid or otherwise?
      A: Currently we are focusing in creating the easiest on boarding experience for our customers. In the future while they will become more familiar with the capabilities of the platform we will add additional features both paid and free.
    6. Q: Does antivirus scanning occur in real time on the Fortigis device or does it happen in the cloud?
      A: In the cloud.
    7. Q: Does Fortigis use SNORT or Suricata rulesets as a IDS/IPS system?
      A: Yes, SNORT with some threat feeds (commercial & open source)
    8. Q: You said you use SNORT as an IPS. Why not use Suricata? Suricata seems to be the faster because it is multi-threaded.
      A: We went with SNORT instead of Suricata due to the familiarity we have with it, the multi-thread is not needed in our deployment mode.
    9. Q: Can I manually block an IP address, IP Ranges or Hosts on the Fortigis device itself? Can I upload IP Blocklists from sources?
      A: Yes, This feature is already available. We are consuming a number of blocklists and the user will be able to upload his own black/white lists.
    10. Q: Would using large IP blocklists slow the device down?
      A: Not really since this will happen on the cloud and not on the device.
    11. Q: Which Intel Atom processor does the device use?


Other important information worth mentioning located on the Fortigis website’s privacy policy:

Traffic & VPN Logs

Traffic and VPN logs are solely used to produce your reporting and are kept for 7 days. Aggregated anonymized data are kept for 30 days solely for the purpose of further increase the accuracy and efficiency of our security mechanisms.

Information Sharing with 3rd Parties

We will not share any of the information that we have collected from or regarding you.

Fortigis Website   Indigogo Campaign