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Change your Device DNS

Change your Device DNS


Change your Device DNSThe Domain Name Systems (DNS) is the phonebook of the Internet. Humans access information online through domain names, like encrypt-the-planet.com. This makes it a lot easier than trying to remember server IP addresses to access websites. DNS translates domain names to IP addresses so browsers can load the website or resources.

When you buy a router, buy a phone, or use any internet connected device it usually is configured to use your network’s default DNS. This could be your ISP’s default DNS settings or the network provided DNS you are connecting to, even your cell phone service provider uses its own DNS service.

Why would you want to change your default DNS provider?

I have witnessed first hand blocking of websites based on DNS using a cell phone providers default DNS service. This happened after a tragic event occurred and it was all over the news. There was a video which was being blocked detailing this event, I and others who attempted to view this information could not resolve the page. I tried turning on my VPN and then the page loaded just fine. I now knew I was being blocked.

I was now curious as how I was being blocked. Was it my ISP? my browser? Then I realized the The VPN I used changed my DNS. I turned off the VPN and changed my Android phone’s DNS from using my cell phone carrier’s DNS. In my case I switched it to use Cloudflare’s DNS service. As soon as I changed the DNS from my carriers DNS to CloudFlare’s, the page loaded fine. Apparently my cell phone carrier thought is was in my best interest to block me and millions of others from viewing this information. I do not necessarily agree with this because if they can block a video, they could block or redirect my traffic for what ever reason they want… all for your well being of course.

In today’s surveillance era, we should all be giving less of our information out freely and making what little privacy we have left, harder to extrapolate.

Using your service providers DNS service gives them your data of every single website you have looked up. This could also allow them to inject advertising in your browsing and even hijack or redirect your landing page just like in the case we just saw, completely blocking you from viewing information. Some carriers even sell this data to advertising agencies, while some allow you to opt out of this practice. In today’s surveillance era, we should all be giving less of our information out freely and making what little privacy we have left, harder to extrapolate.

Which DNS Service to Use?

First you should decide on which DNS service you want to use. I would suggest Cloudflare’s DNS because it is apparently the fastest DNS provider and has a decent privacy policy. The speed does heavily depends on where their servers are in relation to your physical location and Cloudflare has good coverage throughout the United States.

Other DNS services are listed below. Some of them you can create your own accounts with them and block certain websites or categories of websites for your network. Something like this would be beneficial if you set this up for your home router and changed its DNS to protect your network for family filter. It is also advised to change your home routers DNS to force all your devices in your home network to use this DNS.

Free & Public DNS Servers
ProviderPrimary DNSSecondary DNS
Comodo DNS8.
OpenDNS Home208.67.222.222208.67.220.220
Alternate DNS198.101.242.7223.253.163.53
AdGuard DNS176.103.130.130176.103.130.131
BlahDNSSee website 

More Managed DNS Providers

Change DNS on an Android 9 or Higher Device

This will walk you though changing your DNS on any Android 9 Pie or higher device:

1. Go to your Settings, Network & Internet

Change your Device DNS

2. Click Advanced at the bottom:

Change your Device DNS

3. Select Private DNS provider hostname, and enter one.one.one.one or 

1dot1dot1dot1.cloudflare-dns.com then click save.

Change your Device DNS

4. Your DNS entry should now appear at the bottom:

Change your Device DNS

Change your DNS on Your Linksys Router

  1. Log into your Linksys router, usually in your browser going to Go to Settings, Local Network, enter your Static DNS click Apply. Now every device on your network will use this DNS.
Change your Device DNS

Test your DNS for leaks

You can do a simple DNS leak test here:

DNS Leak Test

Setup DNS on your gaming consoles

Setup DNS on your iPhone

Setup DNS on other routers

Also try Cloudflare’s Warp app. which also provides free limited VPN.