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Bitcoin Investment with USI Tech – Earn Bitcoin Daily

Bitcoin Investment with USI Tech – Earn Bitcoin Daily

This article was updated on October 30 to account for the USI-Tech GUI changes and the USI Initial Coin Offering (ICO).

If you think you missed your opportunity to get into bitcoin (BTC), think again. We will be briefly taking a look at a company called United Software Intelligence (USI Tech) and showing you how to start making bitcoin. USI Tech is known in the Forex trading industry by its software which leverages automation on the Forex exchange. The company continues to sell access to this software tool to professional traders and the industry. USI Tech has only recently began a BTC investment package option which we will be going over in this article. With your BTC investment they invest in alternative coins, cloud pools, mining power, and bitcoin arbitrage trading to generate revenues which is then paid back to members who have signed up with USI Tech and bought the BTC packages. It would be redundant for us to delve through the virtual weeds of USI Tech’s bitcoin packages and affiliate referral program because this has been covered in length in some articles we will provide the link below.  It is important to note the research and review we will link to were assembled for optimal understanding to make informed decisions and should you join there is associated risk. Here is a detailed look at USI Tech. If you are ready to get involved, continue reading.

Now to briefly explain how their BTC system works. The BTC investment packages are typically making 1% profit per working day on your bitcoin investment. The process to get involved is simple. The user creates an account with USI Tech, verifies his or her identity, purchases a USI Tech “package” with a bitcoin minimum of 50 Euros or $60 USD. You need a way to fund your USI account with bitcoin and purchase the packages with the bitcoin. We will also show you an inexpensive way to do this. The BTC package you purchase is good until you the investor receives 140% ROI (Rate On Investment). USI Tech has been consecutively paying out users in 140 working days from the purchase date. This equates to a 1% ROI per day. At the end of this term you have two options: Purchase another package with your original investment and the profit or, cash out taking your original bitcoin investment and profit which is paid in bitcoin and transfer it anywhere you wish. Just to get an idea of what this ROI means, lets do the math of investing $1000 today:

On October 28, 2017

$1000 will buy you .241374 btc.

.241375 x 140 working days at 1% a day would = $399.97 profit

At the end of 140 days you are paid in $399.97 worth of btc + the $1000.00 of btc you paid.

Now imagine reinvesting it, reaping the compound net.

I have purchased several BTC packages, and so far six months to this day, it has performed as advertised. If you are interested in trying out this system I will now provide a step by step tutorial on how to get started.

Setup an account with USI Tech

Signup with USI-Tech

Setup 2 Factor Authentication For Security
Get Verified

Create a Payza Account or Fund Your USI-Tech Account By Other Means

You need to purchase the USI-Tech packages or ICO purchases with bitcoin. Unless you are already holding bitcoin in a wallet somewhere else, you will need to establish a way to first buy bitcoin and transfer that bitcoin to your USI-Tech purchase. Below is steps to open a Payza account. Another simple and easy to use option is CoinBase if you do not want to use Payza.

If you already have bitcoin in a wallet ready to go, scroll down to:

Purchase a BTC Package at USI Tech or ICO Token Packages” now.

Otherwise you can use the methods to fund your account below:

Opening a Payza Account

One of the most inexpensive ways to purchase the BTC packages and even supported by USI Tech, is to use the pay system Payza. Think of this as PayPal but having the unique ability to buy bitcoin directly from them. Note that currently you cannot buy Bitcoin with funds added directly to your Payza account by credit card. The most inexpensive way is to link a checking account to Payza and transfer funds this way, this is called a Bank Transfer. The only draw back is that it takes two business days for the transfer to clear, but it is the most economical way beating most bitcoin exchange fees. You will need to follow the instructions once registered to become verified with Payza.

Payza Signup

Payza Fees

Note a Bank Transfer costs $2.00 if less than $200.00, and Free if over $200.00

Get Verified With Payza and Link Your Account

Add Your Bank Account

Purchase a BTC Package at USI Tech or ICO Token Packages

Here you have the ability to purchase the BTC investment packages in your dashboard by clicking: Package Options->Place Order. If you are lucky enough to get in on their Initial Coin Offering, you can also view and purchase these Token Packages here:


Select Payment Method

If you already have bitcoin in your wallet, click: BTC – WALLET 

If you are using Payza, click it’s option.

Choose number of Packages

Only the highlighted green areas you will have to select. Buy for Partner is only used if you are buying packages for someone under you as an affiliate. Once you have purchased your BTC packages. After 140 days if you descide to reinvest your earnings and original purchase amount, you can go to Rebuy in the left panel of your Dashboard. Or you can set it up to autobuy once completed, as seen in the next step.

Setup Autobuy


As with any Bitcoin investment scheme, they are unregulated, volitile, and unpredictable in the long run. Sites such as this one have come and gone taking customers money and bitcoin with them. USI Tech appeals more because they have somewhat of a backing by their bot trading software service and not just BTC investing. You should use extreme caution when investing in Bitcoin investments and interest payouts such as this one. A safer way to invest is to withdraw your capital investment when the initial investment cycle is over, while leaving your interest gains for future automatic rebuy of the packages. Just a thought.

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