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Beam: An Advanced Home Router with Security & Privacy Features

Beam: An Advanced Home Router with Security & Privacy Features


At a Glance

Beam is another unique router completely funded through a successful Indigogo campaign. What sets this router apart from most off the shelf routers is its ability to provide a higher level of security and privacy options for its end users. Beam ships with a subscription to their “Forcefield” VPN service which can be managed in the router settings, accessible by a PC on your network or anywhere by a phone app. Early Indigogo campaign funders can pay for a lifetime subscription to this service. We don’t want to regurgitate their already informative Indigogo campaign page but we did decide to ask some specific questions which are only answered here at the end of this article.


Privacy through a VPN, TOR or…

The Beam router can route all of your network traffic through its VPN service easily just by turning it on and selecting your exit point choosing from 35 different countries with several located throughout the United States. You can even specify which applications or devices can bypass the VPN and connect directly to the internet.

Users can also route traffic through the TOR network instead of the VPN giving this router more than one option, providing another level of privacy also available to turn on in the app and router settings.


Be part of their exit node network and get paid in Bitcoin

Interesting enough, you have the option to be part of their exit and relay nodes for what appears to be their own home brew version of the TOR network which is shared among all Beam users as another option of a privacy network:

We’re creating a decentralized network that can’t be censored or blocked. With Beam, you can choose to host a node to help other users circumvent censorship and get paid for it in bitcoin. It’s that easy.


VPN with a strong Privacy Policy

At Passel, we have built our company on the core belief you should have the freedom to do anything without being tracked or watched. We’ve purposefully designed our servers to not log any traffic through our network and to prove that we’re going to have annual code audits from a third party to prove that we are doing what we say we are doing. You can read our very simple privacy policy here.


IOT & Network Protection

Beam ensures that your home network is secure by blocking unauthorized access using advanced firewall protection and two-factor authentication option for access to your Beam. Beam will even scan your network for vulnerabilities and alert you on how to fix them. To make things even easier Beam will automatically update with the latest security patches and share intrusion attempts with the Beam network of routers, protecting all Beam devices.


Hardware & Speed

Beam is equipped with latest gen wireless technology, gigabit networking, and an incredibly powerful processor and co-processor. This enables Beam to provide every device in your home with breathtaking encrypted speeds. It features four, high-powered dual-band antennas with high-powered amplifiers providing seamless WiFi coverage making lag, dropped connections, and dead zones negligible.

Simultaneous dual-band Wi-Fi (2.4GHz / 5Ghz) 802.11a/b/g/n/ac. Beam can utilize AC Wave 2 WiFi with MU-Mimo. It has 6 separate wireless antennas which allow Beamforming direct signals to be sent to your device so the WiFi is stronger and faster reaching speeds of up to 2500mbps and 250mbps through their VPN service.

Beam has a 2GHz dual core processor and co processor to maximize the WAN/LAN throughput, encrypt network traffic and provide advanced features that most routers aren’t capable of. Beam has gigabit Ethernet and 2500mbps WiFi speeds. Traffic through the VPN is encrypted and can reach 250mbps, faster than any other router on the market and features 1 Gigabit WAN, 4 Gigabit LAN with link aggregation and 2 USB 3.0 Ports.

Questions and Answers

Below are a list of questions we had about Beam which were answered quickly by their staff:


1. Does Beam use Suricata or Snort rules for blocking? If so does the user have the ability to use additional rulesets of their choosing?

A: Yes, you can customize the rulesets.

2. Can the user use custom IP blocklists? Can beam automatically update the IP blocklists from a 3rd party; user designated URL’s?

A: Yes, you can use custom blocklists and Beam can automatically update the IP blocklists from a 3rd party.

3. Can users block specific IP addresses, IP ranges?

A: Yes, you can block specific websites, IP ranges and IP addresses.

4. Can users block all traffic from specific countries?

A: Yes, you can block all traffic from specific countries.

5. Can beam route user traffic through TOR instead of the VPN?

A: Yes.

6. Does beam scan traffic with antivrus? If so which antivirus engine?

A: No.

7. Can the user block advertisements by the use of predesignated Ad blocklists? 

A: Yes, you can.

8. Can users completely block and shut off IPV6 traffic in and out of the network?

A: Yes, but our VPN prevents from IPV6 from leaking.

9. Can users force all LAN traffic to use a user designated DNS?

A: Yes, Beam forces all devices to use Beam’s DNS settings.


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