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Beam: An Advanced Home Router with Security & Privacy Features

At a Glance Beam is another unique router completely funded through a successful Indigogo campaign. What sets this router apart from most off the shelf routers is its ability to provide a higher level of security and privacy options for its end users. Beam ships with a subscription to their “Forcefield” VPN service which can […]

Copperhead OS Flashing Service & OS license Sales

Copperhead OS has opened their flashing service for their OS on specified devices. They are still in the process of licensing their OS for individual sales and should be forthcoming as an option to purchase, download and install the OS yourself. When this happens, we will be providing our detailed flashing instructions as seen for […]

Google Chrome Browser Alternatives

This is a list of Chromium based browsers which are mainly open source projects. If you are interested in getting rid of your Google Chrome proprietary browser and seek a higher level of privacy, one of these browsers might be the answer for you. Chromium Chromium is an open source project. Some of the code […]

Fortigis – Home Network Security Device

A newly added device to our list of Network Security Devices and Appliances page, is the Fortigis home network security device. Fortigis is raising funds by a current Indigogo campaign to bring the devices into market production. Fortigis describes their device as: A cloud-enabled privacy & security wireless VPN router that checks, controls and manages who […]

Install and Update Nvidia GPU Drivers Without Telemetry

Just as we showed you how to remove Windows 10 telemetry, this tutorial will show you how to remove Nvidia telemetry from your computer and allow you to check, update and install the drivers in the future without Nvidia’s telemetry. There is no need to be forced into Nvidia’s telemetry collection just because you want […]

Cryptocat – Simple & Secure Chat

Cryptocat is an encrypted opensource chat program available for Windows, Linux and Mac. Cryptocat was funded by the Open Technology Fund which is a US taxpayer funded project to to further independent efforts towards a more secure and private Internet. The Open Technology Fund has also funded projects such as Open Whisper Systems Signal app and […]

Completely Disable & Remove Windows 10 Telemetry

There is a lot of information about how to disable and remove Windows 10 telemetry, most containing pieces of what we will try to bring all together and cover in this tutorial and some of our own methods we have added. This tutorial is for those who understand what Windows 10 Telemetry is and still […]

Anatomy of a Cryptoheist – And How to Defend Against It

Coinbase account holders lose up to $5 million annually to theft by hacking. Here is how the majority of the hacks happen and why the thieves are so hard to catch. We will also give advice on how to protect yourself against these hacks. Some or a combination of these recommendations can be used for […]

Easily Install Tails Linux on a USB drive

In this tutorial we will show you a simple way to install a bootable Linux operating system on a USB drive. This method will also work to install Linux on any harddrive attached to your PC. We will be installing the Tails version of Linux however you can use this method to install almost any […]

ProtonVPN – A Swiss Based VPN Service

The ProtonVPN service is from the same creators of the free Swiss based opensource encrypted email service known as Protonmail. ProtonVPN currently has native support for Windows, Mac, & Linux. At the moment there is no Android, iPhone, and Windows phone apps, these are being worked on. ProtonVPN does give users a detailed tutorial on […]