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Cryptocat – Simple & Secure Chat

Cryptocat is an encrypted opensource chat program available for Windows, Linux and Mac. Cryptocat was funded by the Open Technology Fund which is a US taxpayer funded project to to further independent efforts towards a more secure and private Internet. The Open Technology Fund has also funded projects such as Open Whisper Systems Signal app and […]

Completely Disable & Remove Windows 10 Telemetry

There is a lot of information about how to disable and remove Windows 10 telemetry, most containing pieces of what we will try to bring all together and cover in this tutorial. This tutorial is for those who understand what Windows 10 Telemetry is and still want to “completely” remove it from your PC and […]

Anatomy of a Cryptoheist – And How to Defend Against It

Coinbase account holders lose up to $5 million annually to theft by hacking. Here is how the majority of the hacks happen and why the thieves are so hard to catch. We will also give advice on how to protect yourself against these hacks. Some or a combination of these recommendations can be used for […]

Bitcoin Income with USI Tech – Earn Bitcoin Daily

USI-Tech packages are once again available for US and Canadian customers after the company halted sales. Purchase of USI tokens are availible. This is the  first statement on this issue and here is the most current (Jan 24, 2018).  This is not an “Investment” however the term “investment” may be used in this article to describe […]

Easily Install Tails Linux on a USB drive

In this tutorial we will show you a simple way to install a bootable Linux operating system on a USB drive. This method will also work to install Linux on any harddrive attached to your PC. We will be installing the Tails version of Linux however you can use this method to install almost any […]

ProtonVPN – A Swiss Based VPN Service

The ProtonVPN service is from the same creators of the free Swiss based opensource encrypted email service known as Protonmail. ProtonVPN currently has native support for Windows, Mac, & Linux. At the moment there is no Android, iPhone, and Windows phone apps, these are being worked on. ProtonVPN does give users a detailed tutorial on […]

ZeroLemon SolarJuice 26800mAh Type-C Portable Solar Battery Charger

This is ZeroLemon’s Solar Juice version version 2.0 solar charging battery for 2017. Comparing the old version to the new version, the new comes with some additional features and of course offers an even bigger battery size. version 2.0 now offers type C 3.0 usb charging where it was not available before. Now your devices […]

A Swiss Bank Account in Your Pocket

  This is our first members only article. Articles like this which describe highly opinionated methods and information will only be available for members. This article is a work in progress being that technical details and methods described below change rapidly as technology and tactics advance and become known. It is highly encouraged for our […]

Mozilla Firefox Alternatives

Looking for a Firefox alternative? Then take a look at these forked versions of Firefox which all claim to have removed all telemetry. If you are worried about using a unique browser and being susceptible to browser fingerprint tracking, you could use a third party plugin to help mask your user-agent or this one. Because these […]

Beartooth – A Secure Off Grid Network and Radio Communicator For Your Smartphone.

Out of pre-order status and fully available for sale. Beartooth is a handheld device that pairs with bluetooth to your smartphone and  connects to other Beartooth devices up to 10 miles away over the 900 MHz ISM band to keep you connected when there is no cell service. It works as a long range link between […]