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About Us

We are a security and privacy enthusiast website.

We believe:
The individual’s right to privacy has become convoluted in today’s world. It is our duty to protect our rights and liberties against all enemies foreign and domestic. Privacy is our watch word. We will continue to offer products on our website which may help protect you from the constant attack into our private lives. This being everything from spam, viruses, spyware, malware, interception of law abiding citizens email, and electronic correspondence. Many people ask “Why do I need encryption? I have nothing to hide” If you want consider the ramifications of that statement, we urge you to read an article by Phil Zimmermann, the founder of the PGP encryption standard.

We in no way advocate illegal criminal and / or terrorist activity. If you are here to hide this type of activity, you “have no right to privacy” as far as we are concerned, and you must leave this site immediately.

We do not make any commission from the buyers of the products we review, there are no “mark-ups”. We might make a commission from the distributors of the products offered and the advertisements on our site. When you purchase any items from this site, you are directly routed to the vendors site for processing your order. Your order is shipped and handled by the vendor themselves, not by anyone from this site. All your orders are insured by the vendors. This includes and not limited to shipping, product licensing, support, and warranty issues.

The products we offer, we have used, currently use, and or find the product of substantial value to those in search of sound and easy solutions to fulfill your search for substantial privacy.

We would like to thank you all for visiting this site and find it comforting that you have chosen to educate yourself in your right to privacy and have taken the first steps toward defending your right.